Adelaide – 2003

‘Africa on a Global Stage: Politics, History, Economics and Culture’

26th AFSAAP Conference

1 – 3 October 2003
Flinders University, Adelaide

Conference Proceedings

Africa on a Global Stage: Politics, History, Economics and Culture, 26th AFSAAP conference proceedings, ISBN: 978-0-9924793-9-8

All conference papers are peer reviewed. Contact for further information.

Keynote Address – William Reno, North Western University – African Resistance, Colonialism, and Contemporary Intervention

Pieter Labuschagne, University of South Africa – State and Civil Society in Africa with special reference to Zimbabwe

Edith A. Miguda, Adelaide University – Global Impulses / Local Politics: Comparing two Eras of Constitution making in Kenya

Teresa Thorp, Observatoire des Relations internationales du Développement et de la Francophonie – Regional Implications for Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

Helen Ware, University of New England – What is the World Bank doing about Poverty Reduction in Africa?

Eric Achankeng, University of Adelaide – Globalization, Urbanization and Municipal Solid Waste Management in Africa

Steven Riley, University of Western Sydney – University Research Centres in Central Sub-Saharan Africa – A Capacity Building Objective in Engineering and Technology

JP Senzige and K. Sarukesi, Institute of Finance Management, Dar es Salaam – An Approach to ICT based school education in Tanzania

Martin Bimbo Ogunbanjo, Babcock University, Nigeria – Human Rights in Africa in the New Global Order: A Dilemma?

Colin Cameron, Griffith University – “The Second Betrayal?” Globalizing Rwanda’s Genocide

Hamidin Bin Abd Hamid, University Malaya – From Bad to Worse: Land Reforms in Coastal Kenya 1908-1960s.

John Lwanda – Orality, Music and HIV/AIDS: interrogating the Malawi popular public sphere

Eric Louw, University of Queensland – Does Cultural Studies have anything to offer African Studies? Introducing a cultural studies perspective by considering Afrikaner and South African black nationalism

Rita Nnodim, Eufo-Institut, Institute of Development and Research – Encountering the “Other”: The “Local” and the “Global” in Recent Nigerian Popular Fiction

Peter J. Yearwood University of Papua New Guinea, and John Nengel, University of Jos – “‘While We are Available to Help and Guide’; The Establishment of the Pengana Chieftaincy, Northern Jos, Nigeria, 1950-55” (Map of Region)

David Lucas, ANU – “The last of the Queen’s men”. A true story?

Yaw Amoateng (Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town), David Lucas (Demography and Sociology Program, The Australian National University), and Ishamel Kalule-Sabiti (Population and Research Training Unit, University of the North West, Mafikeng) – The state of South Africa’s Human Capital

Jeremy Martens, History Discipline, University of Western Australia – The Impact of Theories of Civilization and Savagery on Native Policy in Colonial Natal

David Tothill, Freelance Historian and Former Diplomat – “South African diplomats in Australia 1949-1970”

Tanya Lyons, Flinders University and Elizabeth Dimock, La Trobe university – The State of African Studies In Australia

Jane Gilbert – Two Worlds Integration, Synthesis or Conflict? Psychological Perspectives on Cultural identity

Muhammad Lawal Aminu, Ahmadu Bello University – The Hausa Code of Worldlife: A Paremiological Exposition

Gordon Cyrus Mwangi, Shikoku Gakuin University – Bandung Conference: The Quest for a Moral Resolution to the Color Question

Gordon Cyrus Mwangi, Shikoku Gakuin University – Bandung Conference: The Quest for a Moral Resolution to the Color Question

Samuel Kariuki, Wits University – Searching for the Elusive Success: the politics and hurdles of post-1999 land reform policy in South Africa

Benjamin Rinaudo, La Trobe University – Trokosi Slavery: injustice in the name of religion Jeremy Wells, Flinders University – Cabinda and Somaliland