Canberra – 1979

2nd AFSAAP Conference, 1979

Australian National University, Canberra

Conference Proceedings

Conference Programme – 1979

Conference Papers Presented – 1979

Conference Abstract Notes – 1979


Mohammed Ayoob – South Africa in the 1980s: Is Violent Change Inevitable?

J_A_Ballard_1979_confJohn Ballard – The State and Political Incorporation in Nigeriaerence_paper

C.Caldwell – Fertility Perspectives in Africa

Colin Collins – African Politics in South Africa, 1943-1955: Two Approaches

Griff Foley – The Ideology of Educators in Late Colonial Rhodesia

Rolf Gerritsen – The Political Economy of a Trans-Volta State in Ghana

David Goldsworthy – Civilian Control of the Military in Black Africa

John Gregan – African Political Action in Zimbabwe, 1965-1979

Mervyn Hartwig and Rachael Sharp – South Africa: Capital Accumulation, the State, and the Reproduction of Labour Power

Richard Higgott – Structural Dependence and Decolonisation: Modification and Elaboration from French West Africa – The Case of Niger

John Lea and Chung-Tong Wu – Clearing the Fog: A Discussion of United Nations Recommendations on Human Settlements Finance and Management in Africa

Adrian Peace – Negotiating Ethnic Identity

John Perry – Land Power and the Lie: A Case Study from Lesotho

Robert Pokrant – Tailoring: The Survival of a “Traditional” Occupation Among the Hausa of Kano City, Nigeria

Eric ten Raa – The Sandawe of Central Tanzania After Villagisation

Keith Sorrenson – New Zealand-African Relations

Tom Spear – African Studies in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea

Charles Stahl – Recent Changes in the Demand for Foreign African Labour in South Africa and Future Prospects

Helen Ware – The Demography of Guinea

Georgina Murray – Conference Paper

Simon Adams – Conference Abstract
Talks without papers

Neville Curtis – The Politics of Fragmentation

Cherry Gertzel – Restoration of Civilian Rule in Uganda

David Goldsworthy – Australian-African Relations

Anthony McAdam – Critics of Britain’s Colonial Policy in Africa in the Inter-War Years