Melbourne – 1980

‘Teaching about Africa’

3rd AFSAAP Conference, 1980

La Trobe University, Melbourne

Conference Proceedings

Programme – 1980


E.G. Dimka – Why Teach About Africa?

J. U. Ayalogu – Universal Primary Education in Nigeria

David Dorward – Films on Africa

Anthony Haydon – Problems in Teaching About Other Cultures to Australian Students

Trish Henwood – Become Aware of the People of Africa

Richard Higgott – The Continuing French Presence in Africa

Caroline Ifeka – Identity and Crisis: The Biafran Civil War

John Lea – The New Urban Dispensation: Black Housing Policy in South Africa, Post-Soweto, 1976

Jock McCulloch – Cabral

Paul Nursey-Bray – Frantz Fanon in the Post-Colonial Period: A la Recherche du Temps Perdu?

John Omer-Cooper – The Role of the University of Ibadan in the Spread of the Study and Teaching of African History in Africa

Roy Pateman – Some Implications of Military Cooperation Between South Africa and Israel

Jan Pettman – Africa and Attitude Change: The Teacher’s Role

Eric ten Raa – Ritual Before and After Villagisation in Tanzania: The Case of Sandawe Twin Births

Tom Spear and Stafford Kay – Teaching About Africa: A Guide to Resources

V. Subramaniam – Nigeria’s New Federalism: Teething Troubles and Traumas of Transition

Noel Vanzetti and John Gregan – Overcoming Stereotypes of Africa: The Case Study Approach
Talks without papers

John Ballard – The Passing of the Nationalist Generation

Steve Brazil – Teaching About Africa

Cherry Gertzel – The Passing of the Nationalist Generation

Dan O’Brien – Zambian Educational Plans and National Debate