Sydney – 1981

‘African in the News’

4th AFSAAP Conference, 1981

University of New South Wales

Conference Proceedings

1981 Conference Programme

1981 Conference Programme 2

Plenary Session

Michelle Grattan, “Australian Perspectives on Africa”


Fessehaie Abraham – Population and Armed Conflict in the Horn of Africa: Two Decades of Genocide in Eritrea

J. C. Caldwell – Food Production and Crisis in the West African Savannah

Eddie Coghill – Africa -ADAB’s Role and Responsibility in the Development Arena

John Davies – Capital, the State, and Post-Soweto Educational Reform in South Africa

David Dorward – Change Among the Eggon of Central Nigeria

Jim Gale – South African Republic Day 1981: Press Treatment of the Event in the United Kingdom and Australia

David Goldsworthy – Ethnicity and Leadership in Africa: The “Untypical” Case of Tom Mboya

Kenneth Good – Relevant Theory: Production and Class Formation in their Societal-Historical Settings

John Lea – Changing Approaches towards Tourism in Africa: Planning and Research Perspectives

F. Lovejoy and M. Khilla – Female Circumcision in the Sudan: Traditional Practice and Government Policy

Dan O’Brien – Religious Leader Versus King: Oral Tradition in Zambia

J. Odongo – The Political Economy of Housing in Uganda and Papua New Guinea: Lessons from Experience

John Omer-Cooper – South African Bantustans: Separate and Distinct African Nations? An Historical Perspective

Derek Overton – International TV News in Australia: Focus on Africa

Frances Perkins – Technology Choice, Industrialisation and Development: The Case of Tanzania

Eric ten Raa – Nutrition and Social Structure: A Central Tanzanian Perspective

Thomas Stapleton – Dilemmas in African Medical Education

R. Thompson – A “Clear and Unequivocal” Policy: New Zealand Sporting Contacts with South Africa, 1975-1981

Klass Woldring – The Malaise in Zambia’s Rural Development

Talks without papers

B. Bunbury – Tanzania: Educational Media and the National Goals