Melbourne – 1986

9th AFSAAP Conference, 1986

University of Melbourne

Conference Proceedings

Programme 1986


Gerald Acquaah-Gaisie – Promoting Human Rights in Africa

Peter Alexander – An Archetypal Anti-Apartheid Novel: The Writing of Turbott Wolfe

Graeme Bruce – The Overseas Service Bureau in Africa

Love Mngohol Chile – Potential and Forms of Industrial Development in the Sudan and Sahel Savannah Zones of Nigeria

Michael Crowder – Tshekedi Khama and the Frustration of Smuts’ Plans to incorporate South West Africa into the Union of South Africa, 1946

Michael Crowder – The Book Crisis: Africa’s Other Famine

David Dorward – Report on the African Research Institute

Iheanyi Ehiobouche – An African Psychologist’s Perception of Australia, The Lucky Country, with respect to Creative Behaviour and Personality Types such as the Obsessive- Compulsive, the Oral and the Hysteric

Dan Etherington and Alasebu Yainshet – Macro Economic Impacts of Fluctuations in Ethiopia’s Coffee Export Earnings

Hadino Hishongwa – A History of S.W.A.P.O.

Hadino Hishongwa – A History of S.W.A.P.O.

Richard Johnstone – The Namibia Dispute: the Transitional Government of National Unity and the Problem of Enforcing Resolution 435

Richard Levin – Class Struggle, Popular Democratic Struggle and the South African State

Anthony Low – Uganda: Anatomy of a Nightmare

Luthuli Group of Canberra – New Scholarship Program for the African National Congress (ANC) Nominated Students

J.C. Mfula – African Political Directions and the Organization of African Unity

M.E.K. Neuhaus – The Commonwealth and Southern Africa: Lancaster House Revisited

Peter Richardson – The Myth and Reality of Reform in South Africa, 1977-86

Dennis Walker – The World View of Pan-Arab Oppositionists in Mubarak’s Egypt

Klaas Woldring – Powersharing, Multiculturalism and a Federal Political Structure for South Africa: The Search for a New Beginning


Talks without papers

Amos Anyimadu – A Case of the Successful ‘adjustment’? Aspects of Ghana’s relations with the IMF and World Bank

Richard Hunt Davis, Jnr – African Studies in the United States after twenty-five years of African independence

Jill Jameson – Ethiopean Refugees, Long Term Responses

Muriel Mathers – Report on Mozambique

Nerayo T. Michael – Report from Eritrea

Dan O’Brien – Education reform implementation projects (ERIP): the government of Zambia and the World Bank feasibility study of an education plan

Victor Prescott – African Boundaries and Borders

Rosaleen Smyth – Factors inhibiting the development of feature film industry in English-speaking Africa

Eric Ten Raa – Bushmen and Sandawe girls puberty rites

Johnathan Zwingina – The crisis of hegemonic decline: U.S. disinterest in Africa