Canberra – 1993

‘Australian relations with Africa’

16th AFSAAP Conference, 1993

Australian National University, Canberra

Conference Proceedings

Conference Programme 1993

Horn / West Africa, Peacekeeping, Human Rights

Mr Steve Etheridge- Director Africa Section, DFAT

Col. Bill Mellor- Department of Defence – The experience of the Australian peacekeeping team in Somalia

Amnesty International – Human Rights in Africa

Roger Hearn – Peacekeeping in Africa

Fessehaie Abraham – Australian Support for Eritrea

Dr. Paul Rich – The Crisis of State Power in Africa

Pauline McKay – New Zealand and Africa: A New Beginning

Dr. Julie Cliff – The UN Presence in Mozambique

Adam Cohen, Ogaden Relief Association

Southern and East Africa

Ndumiso Ntshinga – South Africa

Cameron Forbes – South Africa

Peter Cave – South Africa

Bruce Haigh – South Africa and Black Trainees

Peggy Delport – Population Disbursement- District 6

Bernadette Searle – Transitions: Popular Culture as an expression of Popular Identity in South African Visual Culture

Dr. Peter Alexander – Alan Paton and the South African Liberal Party

Dr Phillip Darby – African Literature and Cultural Politics: Grappling with Modernity and Economic Change

Tracey Naughton – Stiring Up Trouble in South Africa

Dr. Bill Ashcroft, University of NSW

Trade, Economic, Education, and NGO’s

Graham Romanes – CAA In Africa

Jo Hayer – OSB In Africa

Ian Curtis – World Vision in Africa

Patricia Garcia – Austcare in Africa

Jeanette Ninnis, Africa Alive

David Cox – Debunking old Assumptions: The Hawke Governments Approach To Sanctions Against South Africa

G. K. Helleiner – Sub-Saharan African External Debt & Financing – Necessary Reforms for Development

Lyn McIver – Public Relations and Sustainable Development in Africa

Dan O’Brien – New Directions in Education in Zambia and the Assistance of the World Bank

Dr. Pal Ahluwalia – Into, Out of, or Inventing Africa?

AIDS, Health, Women in Development, Education, Refugees, Human Rights, and Cultural

Mr Pierre Michel Fontaine – UNHCR and Refugees in Africa

Mr Michael Quirk – Australia’s Policy Toward Refugees from Africa

Harriet Myoti – Educating Village Women on Nutritional Issues

Pen Hetherington – Generational Changes in Marriage Patterns in the Central Province of Kenya 1930-1990

Francis Reagan – Legal Resources in Uganda

Tim Mackay – HIV / AIDS In Africa- Australia’s Development Assistance Program

Ms Elizbeth Mataka – HIV / AIDS In Zambia

Ms Margaret Kabanda – HIV / AIDS In Uganda

Mr Ken Davies – HIV / AIDS In South Africa

Julianna Nkruma – Women and Development in Africa