Canberra – 1997

20th AFSAAP Conference, 1997

Australian National University, Canberra

Conference Proceedings

Plenary Papers
Yash Tandon – Global issues and the African environment

Robert McCorquodale – Human rights and globalisation: its effect on Southern Africa

Rudo Gaidzanwa – Women, human rights and citizenship in Africa

James Ntozi – HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa: the Ugandan experience

Contemporary/Historical Africa
Derek Overton – The Mboya files: Tom and the Colonial Office

John Kaburise – The state of research in South African universities

Contemporary Africa
Jim Polhemus – Democracy betrayed? Zambia’s Third Republic

Paul Nursey-Bray and Pal Ahluwalia – Foucault on Governmentality: State and Civil Society in Africa

Anthony Regan – Governance in Uganda: lessons for Melanesia

Christine Sylvester, “Progress” in Zimbabwe: is “It” a “Woman”

Tapiwa Jhamba – An alternative view of the fertility transition in Africa

Christine Mason – Women and Eritrean Independence

John Bock – Economic development and changing household dynamics among the Okavango Delta peoples, Botswana

Population and Health
Thomas Schindlmayr – Population assistance to Africa 1969-1995

Paul Seakamela and Habtemariam Tesfaghiorghis – Fertility transitions in Botswana: evidence from the censuses

Helen Avong – Are Africans still incurably religious: a study of marriage patterns and fertility of the Atyap, Nigeria

Joseph Pitso – Marriage in Botswana

Antonio Francisco and Joseph Pitso – Misconceptions concerning the African process of marriage

Chilumba Nalwamba – Factors influencing the onset of fertility decline in Zambia

Yohannes Kinfu – Levels and differentials in child under nutrition in a war-torn society: the Ethiopian experience

Sara Johnson – Ecological, social and demographic factors affecting variation in children’s growth in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Africa and the Environment
Jane Ellis – Soft drinks, mining, and oil: multinational corporations in Africa

Record Malungo – Population pressure and the urban environment in Zambia

Historical Africa
David Dorward – London in Kumasi: cocoa, African ‘curios’ and imperial culture

Luke Williams – Nigeria and the Great Influenza Pandemic of l918

Contemporary South Africa
Simon Stratton – Restructuring in the SA Maritime lndustry

Simon Adams – Between Civil War and Civil Society: the March 1994 “Bop” Uprising and South Africa’s Democratic Transition

African Studies in Australia
Cherry Gertzel – African Studies in Australia: achievements and constraints

Paul Nursey-Bray and Simon Stratton – African Studies: past achievements and future prospects