Melbourne – 1984

7th AFSAAP Conference, 1984

University of Melbourne

Conference Proceedings

AFSAAP Programme 1984

Africa in Australia – Antipodean Analyses

Conference Abstracts


Jim Gale – The Long Road to Freedom: Namibia in 1984

Pal Ahluwalia – Political Succession in Kenya: The Transition from Kenyatta to Moi

Martin Chanock – Crimes Created and Wrongs Experienced: Perspectives on the Social History of Crime in Colonial Central Africa

Kwabena Donkor and John Lea – Self-Reliance in the African Building Materials Industry: A Cautionary Tale from Ghana

R. W. F. Droogleever – The White Adviser to an African Monarch: Exploiter or Protector? A Case Study of Theophilus Shepstone Junior in Swaziland, 1886-1895

Norman Etherington – A Nineteenth Century Encounter Between European and Zulu Medicine

Kenneth Good – The Reproduction of Backward Agriculture and the Weak State in Africa: Zambian Experience

Mira Ivic – The Soviet and Cuban Involvement in the Horn of Africa

Rina Leeuwenburg – Why Does Rosa Go Back? Sex, Colour and Confusion in Nadine Gordimer’s Burger’s Daughter

Kinsheun Louie – Structure of the Nigerian Military Government: Evolution and Background

Samuel Makinda – Superpowers in the 1977-78 Ogaden War

John Mugambwa – Treaties or Scraps of Paper: The Legal Status of Colonial Agreements with Emphasis on Buganda

C. Mumbengegwi – Agricultural Producer Cooperatives in Zimbabwe: Some Problematic Contradictions and Prospects for Socialist Agricultural Development

John Murphy – The Colonial State in Kenya: Paternalism, Legitimation and Modernity

Jane L. Parpart – Class and Gender on the Copperbelt: Women in Northern Rhodesian Copper Mining Communities 1926-1964

Eric ten Raa – The Alagwa: A Northern Intrusion in a Tanzanian Khoi-San Culture

Geoffrey W. Reeves – Popular Kenyan Literature and Politics

Timothy M. Shaw – Towards a Political Economy for Africa: contradictions, coalitions and corporatism

Rosaleen Smyth – How War Propaganda “Unsettled the Natives” in Northern Rhodesia during the Second World War

Rosaleen Smyth – The Colonial Film Unit

Rosaleen Smyth – The Saucepan Special