Canberra – 1985

8th AFSAAP Conference, 1985

Australian National University, Canberra

Conference Proceedings

Abstracts 1985

Plenary Address

Sir Michael Wood,Executive Director of AMRIF – The African Medical and Research Foundation, Kenya



Felix Ameka – African Linguistic Routines and African Culture

Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh – The Forgotten Outsiders: The Tragedy of Western Education in Africa

Amos Anyimadu – The Political Economy of Decay in Africa: A Survey of Emerging Themes with Special Reference to Ghana

Adam Ashforth – The State in South Africa: Legitimation Problems and Legitimating Strategies” (synopsis only)

Ebenezer Banful – Education and Society in Roman North Africa

Simon Baynham – Civil-Military Relations in Ghana”s Three Republics: Evolving Strategies of Civilian Control

Donald Denoon – Settler Capitalism and Temperate Medicine

Thabo Fako – African Medicine Against Intellectual Bias

John Forje – The Development of the Developing Nations in Africa: An Approach to the Centre-Periphery Relations

David Goldsworthy – Hands Across the Indian Ocean? The Hawke Government and Africa

Helen Hill – Issues Affecting African Women Arising at Forum 85, the Non-Governmental Meeting of Women – Nairobi July 1985

Jock McCulloch – Colonial Science and Revolutionary Psychology: Frantz Fanon and Octave Mannoni

John Omer-Cooper – The South African Frontier Revisited

Roy Pateman – The Role of Western Intelligence Services in Nation Building: Africa 1952-1984

James Polhemus – Botswana After Seretse Khama

Eric ten Raa – Simbo: The State, or Condition, of Being a Lion

G.T. Roberts – The Singida Project, Tanzania

Rosaleen Smyth – Propaganda, Development and the British Colonial Film Unit 1939-45

Michael Toole – Development Experience in Somalia

J.G. Tremlett – Development Experience with Special Reference to a Five Year Plan in Kenya – A Personal View

Jonathan Zwingina – Beyond Dependency and the World Systems Perspectives: The Non-Capitalist Path for African Revisited


Talks without papers

David Allyn – US Divestment

Antonia Bagshawe – Dissemination of Disease by Development

John Ballard – Corporatist Arrangements and the State in Africa

John Gregan – Bemba Medicine

Elizabeth Reid and Bill Pruitt – Development Experience in Zaire

Mark Shadur – Industrial Relations in Zimbabwe

Randal Stewart – The Organisation of Export Industry: Coffee in Tanzania

Helen Ware – UN Conference to Mark the Close of the Decade for Women, Nairobi: The African Aspects