Adelaide – 1987

10th AFSAAP Conference, 1987

University of Adelaide

Conference Proceedings

1987 AFSAAP Conference Programme


Dr Peter Alexander – Nadine Gordimer’s Politics

Mr Amos Anytmadu – Small Farmers’ Credit in Ghana – a Case in the Politics of Labelling

Mr Isaacus Komla Auzoxornu – Historical Significance of the Contract of Employment in Ghanaian Labour History

Dr Simon Bridge – Mozambique’s Health Policy – Holding the Line

Mr Paul Bowen – The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Traditionalists in Rural Swaziland

Dr Martin Chanock – Law Society and Gender Relations

Dr David Dorward – Women in pre-capitalist, colonial and post- colonial economies

Ms Pen Hetherington – Reproduction and the Family

Prof. Alaba Ogunsanwo – Nigeria’s Agricultural Performance in relation to Drought and Famine

Dr Derek Overton – The Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt

Dr Roy Pateman – Comparison of Ethiopia’s RRC and Eritrea’s ERA

Mr Anthony Reid – Repatriation of Ethiopian Refugees: the case of Djibouti

Mr Ali Shengeli – Refugee Politics in the Horn of Africa

Dr Rosaleen Smyth – Recent work of Tanzanian Film Corp.


Discussion Forums- no papers

Drought & Hunger
Dr Robert Allen, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Flinders University SA

Dr Donald Aspinall, Waite Agricultural Institute,University of Adelaide.

Mr Love Chile, School of Environmental Planning,University of Melbourne.

Ms Bemma Donkoh, Office of Regional Representative,United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Ms Jill Jameson, Project Administration, Community AidAbroad.

Mr Robert Mister, Disasters Unit, Community Aid Abroad.

Destabilisation and Turmoil in Southern Africa
Ms Penelope R. Andrews, Convenor, African Research Institute, La Trobe University.

Mr Glen Barton, Law Department, University of Adelaide SA.

Mr Richard Carleton, ABC TV

Dr Cherry Gertzel, Politics Discipline, Flinders University (Zambia).

Dr Paul Nursey-Bray, Politics Department, University of Adelaide (Zimbabwe).

Dr Jim Polhemus, Dean of Arts, Deakin University (Botswana)

Rev. Brian Polkinghorne, (Mozambique).

Ms Mary Rayner, U.S. Lawyers’ Committee for CivilRights Under Law.

The African Contribution to Women’s Studies
Ms Rosa Hoffman, Restauranteur.

Ms Tumi Kauta, Adelaide.

Mr Isaacus Komla, Auzoxornu Legal Studies.

Mr Mariano Ndeng, Adelaide.

Mr Ben Yengi, Executive Committee, Uni. of Adelaide.