Melbourne – 1988

11th AFSAAP Conference, 1988

La Trobe University, Melbourne
Sponsored by the African Research Institute & Centre for Southwest Pacific Studies

Conference Proceedings

Dr Gerry Berg – Perceptions of Technology in Imerina (Madagascar) 1780-1825

Dr William Bostock – Three Models of Language Policy in a Developmental Context

Dr Martin Chanock – Impact of Western Law on East and Central Africa

Prof. Ann Chowning – Tribalism in Papua New Guinea: Past and Present

Dr Donald Denoon – Is Australia an Apartheid State?

Dr Kenneth Good – Debt and the One Party State

Dr R. Grynberg – The US-South Pacific Tuna Treaty: Aid, Multinationals and Super-Power Conflict

Dr Stephen Henningham – The French Pacific: Problems and Prospects

Pen Hetherington – Generational Change and Class Formation in Kenya: the Kamore Family

Prof. Julius Jeppe – African Political Systems in the context of African political culture

Dr Margaret Jolly – Interactions Between Presbyterian Missionary Women and Vanuatu Women in the mid-nineteenth century

A.H.M. Kirk-Greene – Colonial Service Carousel: An Agenda for Research into Inter-Territorial Migration between Africa, Australia and the Western Pacific

Dr 0. Kurer – Small Business Development in Papua New Guinea: A Case Study

Dr Andrew Ladley – Spirits of the soil, Government of the people: the role of courts in rural Zimbabwe

Prof. A. Mawuli – Resource Boom and Evolvement Process: Lessons from Africa Experience for Papua New Guinea

Dr Bob Norton – Politics, Ethnicity and Class in Africa and the Pacific (Fiji and Tonga)

Prof. John Omer-Cooper – Historical Origins of Divergent Patterns of Race Relations in New Zealand and South Africa with reference to Governor, Sir George Grey, in New Zealand and the Cape

Dr Derek Overton – Two Worlds: the reporting of international news on the ABC and SBS evening news programmes

Dr Andrew Peek – A Woman’s View of Traditional Leadership: Khama the Great in the fiction of Bessie Head

Dr Nii-K. Plange – The Colonial State: The political economy of pacification and restructuring/ The military and Politics in neo-colonial society: Ghana and Fiji.”

Nancy Pollock – Medical Residents and French Administrators early administration on Wallis and Futuna

Dr Satendra Prasad – Changing Forms of the post- colonial state and processes of political change in Fiji and the South Pacific

Ms Kasanite Manu Puloka – The Reconstruction on Tongan Classical History

Dr Deryck Scarr – Post-Independence Political Stability in Fiji

Dr Randall Stewart – Politics and the Economic Development in the Coffee Growing Areas of Papua New Guinea and Tanzania

Dr David Story – Problems with paradigms – rural change in PNG and Africa

Sue Thomas – Race and Gender in Women’s Writing

Drs John Young & Norm Etherington – Teaching Undergraduates Comparative History of Africa and the Pacific