Sydney – 1989

12th AFSAAP Conference, 1989

University of Sydney

Conference Proceedings


Jacob A. Adetunji – Africa and Australia: Policies and Prospects into the 21st Century

T.J.Bembridge – Agricultural Development in the developing Areas of Southern Africa

Pam Christie – Contesting the Classrooms: The Struggle Against Apartheid Education in the Eighties

Paulin G. Djite – Language and Development in Africa

Antonio Francisco – Toward a Demographic Theory of General Unification: An Alternative Overview of the Evolution of the Mozambican Population

David Goldsworthy – Keeping Change within Bounds:Aspects of Colonial Policy during the Churchill andEden Governments, 1951-7

Ms Penelope Hetherington – The Historiography in English of Women in South Africa

Patrick Kilby – Development Policies and Pastoralists

Grodon Miller – Statistics on Australian Aid to Africa by Recipient and Selected Forms

Paul Omaji & Jacob Adetunji – Africa and Australia into the 21st Century: Policies and Prospects

Roy Pateman – Lost in the Sahel: Soviet Arms Transfers to Ethiopia 1977-1989

Rev. Colin Reed – Missions in Aid and Development: the contemporary picture

Casta Tungaraza – Militarism and Development in Africa

Nicholas Van Hear – Labour and Structural Adjustment in Nigeria and Ghana


Talks- no papers

Eddie Funde – Conference Keynote Speaker

Stephen.Kadulli – Health and Development

Sababu Kaitilla – Health and Development

Brian Kennedy – New Developments in Southern Africa

Patricia Paton – Militariasm and refugees

Doug Porter – Australian Aid and Africa

Dr R Smyth – African Film and Decolonisation

John T. Taylor – New Developments in Southern Africa

Paul Turner & Tony Blythe – Australian Aid and Africa