Melbourne – 1990

13th AFSAAP Conference, 1990

Deakin University, Melbourne

Conference Proceedings


List of Papers Presented at Deakin University 1990

Francis Acquah & Ann Benson – Mental Illness on the African Continent: An Overview

Dr Pal Ahluwalia – Plantation Agriculture and the Politics of the Sugar Industry in Uganda

Ken Bailey – Health Issues in Africa South of the Sahara

Douglas Booth – Unity Talks in Apartheid Sport: An Historical Prognosis

Richard Brown – Sudan’s Other Economy; Migrants’ Remittances, Capital Flight and their Policy Implications

James Butare-Kiyovu – The Development of Distance Education in Uganda

James Butare-Kiyovu – Banyarwanda Refugees in Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zaire

Martin Chanock – Law, State and Culture: Thinking about ‘Customary Law after Apartheid

Anne M.S. Cole – Coping with Drought: The Sub-Saharan Experience

A, Cole, L Corner, D. Lucan, D. Dlaimine, T.J. Makatjane and N. Ngcongco – Migration, Fertility and Family Planning: Female-Headed Households in Southern Africa

Duduzile V. Dlamini – Marriage Patterns and Reproductive Behaviour in Swaziland

Richard Graham – Declining Food Security in Sudan, and some policy implications for Non-Government Organisations

Bruce D. Haig – Report on a Visit to South Africa: identification of suitable black South African candidates for work experience in Australia

Peter Limb – Workers, the ANC, and the Politics of Change in South Africa: the connection between class, ethnicity and democratic politics in apartheid’s segmented labour market

David Lucas – Population Change in Southern Africa in the 1990’s

Tiisetso Makatjane – The Role of Labour Migration in the Changing Marriage System of Lesotho

Tiisetso Makatjane and Toziba Botana – Female-Headed Households, Some Methodological Issues

Jock McCullock – The Empires New Clothes: Ethnopsychiatry in Colonial Africa

Jun Mokikawa – The Myth and Reality of Japan’s Relations with Colonial Africa- 1885-l960

John Perry – How are you going to keep them down on the farm? Agricultural Labour in South Africa

Mochekoe Stephen Rametse – Changing South Africa: Towards the Resolution of the National Question

Anthony Reid – Zimbabwe: Repatriation of Refugees Before and After Independence

Paul B. Rich – Black Liberalism in South African Politics: The Case of Natal, 1930-1956

Christopher Saunders – South African Strategy and Namibian Decolonisation

Mehretab Tekie – Eritrean Refugee Problems in the Sudan: Issues and Challenges

Klaas Woldring – Southern Africa: A Federal Constitution?

Mental Health Overview 1990


Talks without papers

Ian James – Representing Australia in Africa

Philip Peters – Representing Australia in Africa

Andrew Rigby – An NGO Perspective on Voluntary Technical Assistance in Southern Africa

Brian Petty (Overseas Service Bureau) – An NGO Perspective on Voluntary Technical Assistance in Southern Africa

Senator the Honourable K.W. Sibraa, President of the Senate – Recent Developments in Australian Policy Toward Africa

Jun Morikawa – Does an Anti-Apartheid MovementExist in Japan?

Norman Etherington – Penetrating Africa