Perth – 1991

Transfers of Power in Southern Africa

14th AFSAAP Conference, 1991

University of Western Australia, Perth

Conference Proceedings

Programme 1991

Abstracts 1991

Guest Speaker – Speech of Frene Ginwala – South Africa

The Experience of Namibia and Zimbabwe
Prof. Christopher Saunders – Transition in Namibia 1988-1990

Prof. James Polhemus – Zimbabwe’s Response to Change in South Africa

Michael Evans – The Making of an African Army: the case Zimbabwe, 1980-1987

The New South Africa
Dr Paul Rich – The Freedom Charter

Dr Joan Wardrop – The De Klerk Reform Process: Ambiguity and Reality

Labour and labour Relations
Prof.Eddie Webster – Taking Labour Seriously: Sociology and Labour in South Africa

Dr Klaas Woldring – Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management in the new South Africa: A Surprising lead over Politics and constitutional Development

Prof. Deryck Schreuder – The African Commonwealth and the re-admission of South Africa

Dr Richard Brown – Getting Africa’s Debt Crisis into Perspective

Development and Democracy
Dr Cherry Gertzel – Multi-partyism and the end of Democracy in Africa

Dr Geoff. Reeves – The State and the struggle for Culture In Africa

Mr France Desaubin – Politics and Industrialisation in a ‘Peasant Society: the case of Kenya

Aid to Africa
J. Hunt and P. Kirby – UN Programme of Action for African Economic Recovery and Development-Problems and Prospects

P. Kirby – Food Aid Intervention in Pastoralist Societies

R. Cherono, J. Hunt, and P. Kirby – Panel on Partnerships for Development: Non Goernment organisations Building Australia-Africa Relations

Southern Africa: Working Lives
Dr Luli Callinicos – Peoples’ History for Peoples’ Power: Representing the Past in a Divided South Africa

Peter Limb – ANC -African Worker Relations, 194O-1955

Volunteer Aid Workers in Africa
Dr Helen Ware – Training Issues in Aid for Africa

Health and Disease in Africa
Caroline Ifeka – Aids: The Politics of Modernizing the African body

Mrs. Marble Magezi – The Care and Support of Persons with HIV and AIDS Disease: the Taso Example

Dr K.V. Bailey – Iodine Deficiency and Its Control in Africa

Mr. Jacob Adetunji – Church-based Obstetric Care in a Yoruba Community, Nigeria

New research on Women and Power in Africa
Dr John Perry – That’s the chieftainess!: women and power in Lesotho

Dr Sue Thomas – The African Woman in Helene Cixou’s ‘Sorties’: a critique of her circulation in its economies of difference

Stephen Kaduuli – Various Aspects of the Measurement of household Income in Undeveloped Countries

Political Uses of the Past
James Shuttleworth – The use of the Zulu Past by Inkatha

Paul Bowen – Tradition and Control in Swaziland

Dr T.M. Evers – Migration and Local Development in the Iron Age of Southern Africa

Prof. Shula Marks – The Roots of Ethnic Violence in South Africa

Dr Paul Rich – Freemasonry in Colonial Africa: Competing Allegiances of the Grand Orient of France and the Grand Lodge of England

Africans in Australia
Kay O’Connor – From Expat to Migrant: a preliminary case study

Mr. Bedello Desta – African Settlement in Melbourne

Dr Jan Knappert – The Discovery of an unknown Swahili Manuscript in Arabic script on Islamic Theology in Mozumbique

Graham Ferguson – Disparity in Education Services in South Africa


AIDAB – Australia’s Training Aid Program

Alexandra Boyd – The Language & Rituals of Sexuality in the Sudan

Bruce Haigh – Report to a Visit to South Africa

S Ngware, T Banda, M Haule – The Case of Tanzania’s Food Marketing