Wellington – 1992

‘Culture in Post Colonial Africa’

15th AFSAAP Conference, 1992

Victoria University, Wellington

Conference Proceedings

David Dorward – Material Culture and African Art in Australia

Elizabeth Isichei – The Artistic and Symbolic World of the Anagusta

Andrew Horn – The Theatre of Zake Mda

Peter Murray – Myths and Utopia in African and Maori Fiction: A Response to Underdevelopment

Paul Hunt – Human Rights in West Africa: Children Begging and the Koran

South Africa
Sue Kossew – Women’s Words in the Fiction of J. M. Coetzee

Peter Alexander – ‘Let the Walls fall’: Alan Paton and Diepklof

John Nauright and Nancy Clark – Gender and Race in South Africa: Two Views

William Worger, John Davies, and John Omer-Cooper – Prospects for a New South Africa: Three views

Bernard Leeman – Kebra Ngast: the Pre-Christian background

David Turnbull – Africa and Australia Missions

J. Oluwoye – Railway Transportation in Nigeria

P. A. Memon – Urban Farming in Kenya

Dan O’Brien – Education and Multi Party Government in Zambia

Ernest Mudogo – Development Theory and the African Peasant

E. Oladipo – Managing Drought in Nigeria

International Agencies and Africa
Peter Sutton, Amnesty International – Human Rights

Paul Martell, World Vision – Development Projects in East Africa

Dennis Small and Neil Wright, Trade Aid and Christian World Service – Gatt and Africa

VSA Experience – Trevor Richards and Marg Leniston, Volunteer Service Abroad

Pauline McKay, Council for International Development – New Zealand’s Future Relations With Africa