Melbourne – 1994

‘Women in Africa and African Literature’

17th AFSAAP Conference, 1994

La Trobe University, Melbourne

Conference Proceedings

Conference Program & Abstracts Booklet

Fatima Dike – Tradition and Modernity

Jane Tapsubei Creider – Gender Inversion in Nandi Women’s Rituals: Wishful Thinking?

C W Stahl – Recent Changes in the Demand for Foreign African Labour in South Africa and Future Prospects

Margaret Miller – Representations of Black Women in Sindiwe Magona’s Living, Loving and Lying Awake at Night

Mohammed Ayoob – South Africa in the 1980’s: Is Violent Change Inevitable?

Cecilia Moretti – Black Women and the Protest Tradition in South Africa: A Study of the Short Stories in Miriam Tiali’s Footprints in the Quag (1989)

Pam Stavropoulos – African Women’s Fiction and the Politics of the Everyday

Kirsty Major – Feminist Criticism and Africa: Troubling Reconstructions of the Western Feminine

Phillip Darby – Gendering Other Peoples and Continents

Albert J. Paolini – The Postcolonial, the Global, the Modern-But Whatever Happened to Africa?

Jill Jameson – Women in Eritrea: A Women in Development Perspective

Jocelyn Armstrong (Africa Information Centre) – GATT and Africa in the Year of the Family

Derek Hornsey – Bessie Head, Sol Plaatje, and the God with No Shoes

Maggi Phillips – The Certified Insane and the Poet: Bessie Head and Nuruddin Farah: Gifts from Two Mothers

Jock McCulloch – Black Peril and White Settler Women in Colonial Zimbabwe

Catherine Macdonald – African Adulteresses- objects of Seduction or Active Participants? Tanganyika 1920-1985

David Dorward – “Ethnic Conflict” in Rwanda and Burundi

Paul Cocks – Malinowski and Swaziland

Russell Alley – Gold, the Pound Sterling and Witwatersrand, 1888-1914

Victoria Carchidi – A Voice in the Wilderness: African Women Speaking

Cynthia van den Driesen – Second-Class Citizen or Ibo Woman Warrior?

Liz Dimock – Gender and Imperialism: Missionaries in the Uganda Mission after 1895

Denise Cuthbert – Representing the British Woman in Africa, a Study of Two Film Texts Simba (1955) and Born Free (1966)

Bernd Heine – Linguistic Contributions to the Study of African History

Rosaleen Smyth – African Literature in Colonial Zambia

Jane Widdess – Making Paper Speak: Mammy Wata and the African Cosmology in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Bernard Leeman – The Queen of Sheba and Africa

Penelope Hetherington – The Politics of the Clitoris: Contaminated Speech, Feminism and Female Circumcision

Bill Hughes – To speak on the background and community responses to proposed Australian legislation on female genital mutilation

Yvette Christianse – Sculpted into History- The Voortrekker Woman and the Gaze of the Invisible Servant: Recuperation and Problematisation of Self-representation and Motherhood / nationhood in Afrikaner South Africa

Sue Kossew – A White Woman’s Words: Some Problems of Representation

Martin Chanock – Socialism, the Millenium and Law: Aspects of Two South African Trials, 1921/22