Sydney – 1995

18th AFSAAP Conference, 1995

University of New South Wales, Sydney

Conference Proceedings

Professor John Omer-Cooper – South African History in Perspective

Associate Professor Christopher Saunders – Reflections on the South African Transition

Professor Patrick Chabal – The (De) Construction of the Postcolonial Political Order in Black Africa

Professor Cherry Gertzel – Why Won’t the Wars Stop? An examination of the relationship between scarcity, inequality and conflict in Africa in the late Twentieth Century

Associate Professor Christine Alexander – Imagining Africa: The Brontes’ creations of Glass Town and Angria

Dr Steven Watson – Re-imagining South African History: Some Recent Fictions

Dr Sue Kossew – Re/presenting the Afrikaner: Andre’ Brink and the Politics of Representation

Images of Africa
Dr Pal Ahluwalia – The Rwandan Crisis: Exile and Nationalism Reconstructed

Dr Philip Darby and Dr Albert Paolini – African Futures

Health and Medicine
Dr David Lucas with Lawrence Ikamari and Tapiwa Jhamba – A Provincial View of Fertility and Mortality Change in Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Dr Christine McMurray – Poor Growth Attainment in African Children: Implications for Health and Survival

The New South Africa
Professor Heribert Adam – Ethnic versus Civic Nationalism: South Africa’s Non-racialism in Comparative Perspective

Dr Jonathon Hyslop – Why Was the White Right Unable to Stop South Africa’s Democratic Transition?

Dr Bernard Leeman – Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) 1959-1995

Professor Mogila Moodley – Contending Perceptions of Women’s Roles in Three Political Parties in South Africa

Dr Pam Stavropoulos – Women and Agency in Colonial African Contexts

Ms Tanya Lyons and Dr David Moore – Written in the Revolutions: Women, Politics, Literature and the Zimbabwean National Liberation War

Ms Sekai Nzenza – The New Woman in Contemporary Africa: A Zimbabwean Perspective

Dr Raymond Younis – Songs of Travail, Songs of Enchantment: Colonialist and Post-colonialist Discourses in Contemporary Language and Literature

DR Teresa Dovey – Always Something New Out of Africa: Publication and Postcolonial Theory in the South African Context

Dr Pal Ahluwalia and Professor Paul Nursey-Bray – Uganda: State and Civil Society

Mr Geoffrey Wood – The Remaking of Mozambican Society: The Impact of Democratization and the Prospects for Social and Economic Recovery

Dr Saul Dubow – Human Origins, Race Typology and the Other Raymond Dart

Dr Alex Mouton – ‘A Cusser When Crossed’. The Turbulent Career of William Ballinger

Dr John Lambert – Chiefly Collaboration in Colonial Natal: Case Studies of Phakade kaMacigwane and Thetheleku MiNobanda

Environmentalism and Development
Dr Makonen Getu – Micro Enterprise Development and Poverty Alleviation in Africa

Professor Elizabeth Isichei – Evaluating Twentieth-Century Change: Some Anaguta Intimations

Dr Newman Kwadwo Kusi – Tax Reforms and Revenue Productivity Growth in Ghana

Mr Scott MacWilliam and Dr Michael Cowen – Indigenous Capital in Kenya

Dr Miroslava Prazak – The Transmission of Privilege: A Case Study of Rural Kenya

African Film
Dr Blandine Stefanson – Religious Practice as Cultural Label in Sub-Saharan Film

Mr Joe Sanctus Chika Anyanwu – The Image of West Africa in West African Films