Adelaide – 1996

19th AFSAAP Conference, 1996

University of Adelaide

Conference Proceedings

Dr Liz Dimmock – The Silence Of African Women? A 1931 Protest of Christian Women in Uganda

Dr David Dorward – Major Tunbridge’s Boer War Album: Glimpses of Empire and Erotica

Postcoloniality and Africa
Dr Bill Ashcroft – Globalism, Post-Colonialism and African Studies

Associate Professor Paul Nursey-Bray and Dr Pal Ahluwalia – Frantz Fanon and Edward Said

Cinema and Theatre in Africa
Mr Joe Chika Anyanwu – The Cultural and Mechanical Development of Nations: The Otherness of Gaze and Cultural Integration

Ms Stella Oguoma Inimgha – An African’s Perspective of Andrea Sutton’s Go with the Flow

The Left in South Africa
Mr Simon Adams – The Party That Time Forgot: The Building ofa ‘Mass’ – Based Communist Party in South Africa

Mr Simon Stratton- COSATU in Kwa Zulu-Natal

Mr Timothy Dauth – What’s Ieft? The ANC and SWAPO in the 1990s

Food and Population
Dr David Lucas – Population Issues in Africa

Dr Christine McMurray – Demography, Australian National University. Food Security in Southern Africa

Dr Jose Lete – Imagery of the African Women in the Fictional Work of Zamenga Batukezanga

Ms Cecilia Moretti – English Flinders University. Negotiating Narrative Lives: Black South African Women and the Autobiographical Contract

Discourse and Africa
Professor Doug McEachern – Foucault, Governmentality, Apartheid and the ‘new’ South Africa

Associate Professor Dan O’Brien – Discourse or Discipline: Education in Colonial Zambia

Representations in South Africa
Dr Charmaine McEachern – From Surveillance to the Tourist Gaze?: Township Tourism in the New SouthAfrica

Dr Kerry Ruth Ward – Captive Audiences: Reinventing and Forgetting the History of Slavery in Cape Town, South Africa

Dr Geoffrey Hawker – Political Parties and the Evolving Provincial Governmental Structure

Mr Luke Williams – Africa and The Security Council: Challenges For Australia

Politics and Law
Dr Pal Ahluwalia – Post-Colonial Dilemmas: Political Succession in Kenya

Dr John Mugambwa – Land law and Land Tenure Policy under the New Ugandan Constitution- Some legal Issues

Exile and Language
Mr Greg Gow – The Role of language in Maintaining Ethnic Identities: A Case Study of the Oromo PeopIe in Melbourne

Dr Mark Israel – Living with ‘A World Apart’: Second Generation South Africans in the United Kingdom and the Ideologies of Exile

Development and Africa
Dr David Moore – Discovering Development in Africa: From the State to the Market and then what?

Mr Desigin Thulkanum – Development in South Africa

Dr Nikolai A. Dobronravin – Ethno- cultural Borders and Ethnicity- making Processes in Modern Northern Nigeria

Dr Samuel Ogbuh – The Creation of More States: A Program For a Workiug Federation and Political Stability in Nigeria