Sydney – 2002

Africa Confronts Globalisation

25th AFSAAP Conference

3 – 5 October 2002
Macquarie University, Sydney

The 25th Conference of the African Studies Association of Australasia & the Pacific will be held at Macquarie University, Sydney, 3-5th October 2002.

AFSAAP 2002 offers a timely opportunity to reappraise the African experience of globalisation. The new military and economic risks to which the continent has been exposed since September 11th 2001 need to be addressed. Yet in 2002 Africa still fights other, older wars: against poverty, AIDS & inequality. We need to ask why?

AFSAAP 2002 will explore the impact of globalisation in its historical context at local as well as at global level. It will also examine contemporary African conflicts as manifestations of underlying questions of cultural and social identity raised over many years.

Conference program

Papers are invited on any aspect of African affairs. The conference theme is broad allowing for papers reflecting the different disciplines and diverse interests of academics, professionals government, private sector, NGOs and the African communities across Australia.

Conference sessions

Africa and the West; African Literatures; Africans in Australia; Afrikaaner Historians; Australian-African relations; Australian Diplomacy in Africa; Constitutional Change and Governance; Constitutional Review in Kenya; Culture & Society; Demography; Education & Industry in Africa; Emigration; Environment; Ethnicity; Financial Markets & Consultancy; History; HIV/AIDS; Gender; Human Rights; Islam & Black Africa; Media and Communication; Mining; NEPAD; Photography & the Public Sphere; Politics; Reconciliation; Religion; Sustainable Development; War and Development.