Sydney – 2006

Africa: Reconstruction and Renaissance

29th AFSAAP Conference

Macquarie University, Sydney

Conference Proceedings

All conference papers are peer reviewed, and appear below in alphabetical order. Contact for further information.

Christine Cheater – ‘Peace is every child’s right’: The Machel Report

Liz Dimock – The politicisation of women at the Cape in the closing years of the nineteenth and into the early twentieth century: a case study that examines women of the Molteno, Solomon, Schreiner and other families

Geoffrey Hawker – Parliamentary Challenges in South Africa

Ruth Jackson – Safe motherhood in Ethiopia

Daniel Kark (Post Graduate Workshop) – ‘As wide as the needs of society’: Mass Education in British Africa

Christine Khoza (Post Graduate Workshop) – The role of parental education by gender in explaining secondary education attainment of their children.’

A Kiprono Lang’at (Post Graduate Workshop) – Deconstructing neocolonialism: a discourse analysis of education and development in Kenya

Max Kelly – Crisis and development in Southern Africa – questioning policy and practice in uniting humanitarian relief and development.

Christine Khoza (Post Graduate Workshop)- The role of parental education by gender in explaining secondary education attainment of their children.’

Temesgen Kifle – The Gender Wage Gap in Eritrea

Patrick Kimunguyi – Changing Paradigms or Symbolic Rhetoric? Perspectives on the EU Development Policy

Otieno Kisiara – Integrating refugee information networks in resettlement cultural orientation programs: a preliminary investigation report and research proposal.

Wendy Levy (Post Graduate Workshop)- In the Shadow of War: Australia’s relations with Sudan from Kitchener to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and beyond.

Patrick McAllister – Ubuntu

Yasuo Mizobe – A Survey of Gold Coast (Southern Ghanaian) Newspapers in the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century

Muchaparara Musemwa – The Farmers- Miners Dispute: Contestation over Resources between White Settler Farmers and Miners in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1903-1945.

Namuunda Mutombo – Sources of respondent resistance in HIV voluntary counseling and testing services (VCT) research in Zambia

Apollo Nsubuga-Kyobe – Tensions in African-Australian Families (Anecdotal Melbourne Experiences): and What Appears to Connect with Family Court Endeavours.

Margaret O’Callaghan – Moving aside the shield of political correctness

Alan Thorold – The revival of Sufism in Malawi

Annie Stopford – Trans global families: The application of African ethical and conceptual systems to African/western relationships and families

Vera Williams-Tetteh – Ghanaian funerals in Sydney: multicultural influences on linguistic practices