Melbourne – 2010

‘Engaging Africa / Engaging Africans: Knowledge, Representation, Politics’

33rd AFSAAP Conference

2-4 December 2010
Victoria University, Melbourne

Conference Proceedings

Engaging Africa / Engaging Africans: Knowledge, Representation, Politics, 33rd AFSAAP conference proceedings, ISBN: 978-0-9924793-4-3

All conference papers are peer reviewed, and appear below in alphabetical order. Contact for further information.

All conference abstracts are peer reviewed and are available in the attached publication.

Martin Garang Aher – Who killed Majur Manyang? Tragedy and culture shock among Sudanese migrant youth in Australia

Berhan Ahmed – The effect of climate change on termite taxonomy and distribution in Africa

John A. Arthur – Incorporating migration in development and nation-building in Africa

Mamadou Diouma Bah – Natural resources and conflict management: The case of Guinea

Samantha Balaton-Chrimes – The Nubians of Kenya as a political community

Carmela Baranowska – Representing the pain of others: Western Sahara

Karen Berger – “In search of the thing itself” – Africans in the art of two Ukranian / American Jewish artists: Maya Deren (1917 – 1961) and Clarice Lispector (1920 -1977)

Alison Burgin – (In)Visible minorities: Does French aid promoting cultural diversity benefit African cinema in France or on the continent?

McLytton Clever – Sleep quality, beliefs and attitudes about sleep: A comparison of Caucasian Australian, Zimbabwean and Ghanaian immigrants resident in Australia

Rachel Gavarotto – “Everyone disappears”: Housing insecurity and social exclusion of Sudanese women in outer western Sydney

Haileluel Gebre-Selassie – Harnessing the African diaspora to enhance the re-engagement with African countries

Roslyn Gleadow, Julie Cliff, Anna Burns, Anabela Zacarias, Rebecca Miller, Howard Bradbury & Tim Cavagnaro – Predicting climate change impacts on yield and cyanogen levels of cassava, an important African staple

Michele Grossman – “There’s just this projection about Africans”: Race, safety and policing in Melbourne’s Western suburbs

Anne Le Guinio – Challenges and solutions in implementing national languages in educational institutions: The case of Cameroon

Anne Harris – “Culture is our future”: African-Australian representation in film and video, 1985-2010
Keywords – African, film, Australia, representation, identity

Geoffrey Hawker – The new “scramble”: Australian mining companies in Africa

Chantelle Higgs – White boy jeans and African stylez: Young Sudanese and Somali’s negotiating visible difference in Melbourne’s Inner West

Carmel Hobbs – Talking about teeth – Working together to improve the oral health of the African community in Melbourne’s inner west

Shiyavanthi Johnpillai – Men who have sex with men in Sub-Saharan Africa: Decriminalisation of consensual sexual behaviours and the consequences for HIV vulnerability

Temesgen Kifle – Socio-economic issues facing African Australians: Analysis and policy options

Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo – Market research in Africa: Challenges and prospects

Louise Kyle & Lynne Carolan – Teaching African students in Legal Studies at VU

Kiprono Langat – Young refugees and schooling: A paradigm shift in school leadership and pedagogical practices in an ethnically diverse school in regional New South Wales

Emanuel Laryea – “Mining” Africa: The imperatives of law, economics and leadership failures

(Raymond) Kwun Sun Lau – Responding to mass atrocities in Africa: The responsibility to protect and the responsibility to punish

Ibolya Losoncz – Respect and community inclusion – post-settlement Sudanese experiences

David Lucas – Australian mining companies in Africa 2008-2010

Tanya Lyons – From neglected to engaged? Australia’s relations with the countries of Africa 2006-2010

Virginia Mapedzahama – The paradox of skilled nurse migration in Australia: The case of black African migrant nurses

Kudzai Matereke – Mortgaged citizenship and domesticated agency in postcolonial Zimbabwe: Towards a politics of recognition

Noah Mbano – What are the perceptions of post-settlement African refugee students about the usefulness of ESL programs in Western Australia?

Stephen McLoughlin – Mitigating risk of ethnic violence in Africa: An examination of Rwanda and Botswana

Sara Meger – The globalization of sexual violence: Western resource demand and the use of rape in contemporary armed conflict

Charles Mphande – A way and ways: Engaging Africa and Africans

Samuel Muchoki – Sexuality and post-refugee experience of migrants from the Horn of Africa: A new research agenda

Ndungi wa Mungai & Yangi Moi – The challenges facing single parents of African background in Wagga Wagga, NSW

Paul Munro – Improving rural education in Sierra Leone: The potential role of small-scale solar power and ICT interventions

Paul Munro & Greg Hiemstra-van der Horst – Conserving exploitation? A political ecology of forestry policy in Sierra Leone

Robert Munro – Processing digital communications in less-resourced African languages

Simon Musgrave, Finex Ndhlovu, Julie Bradshaw & Phuong Dzung Pho – Demography and language: African immigration to Australia

Clovis Mwamba – Mikili: An initiatory and migratory route for Congolese

Finex Ndhlovu – “I can’t become an Australian because I am always too something to be Australian”: African identities, discourses of exclusion and resurgent racism in Australia

Michael Nest – The rise of African consumer power: How activists wanting to change the world need to persuade the consumers who matter

Stephen O’Brien – Behind the decline in HIV in Zimbabwe

Ben O’Mara – Using mobile phones to support the health and wellbeing of African communities: A critical approach to communicating information with Digital Technology

Rachel Outhred – Black first and a student second? Exploring embodied experiences of African-born students in Australia’s higher education system

Melissa Phillips – Dropped from the moon: (Mis)representations of “African” refugees in Australia

Peter Run – Shapes and colours: Race and beauty among the new Africans in the diaspora

Ben Silverstein – “Do you see what we see?”/”Africa wants you to leave us alone”: Images of Africans in the West

Abdullah Teia – The importance of arts and African cultural heritage for Australian-African identity and social inclusion

Vera Tetteh – “You know African women want to work”: Language, identity and social inclusion of African women in Australia

Alan Thorold – The cup and the horn: Globalization, neo-traditionalism and the African World Cup

Peter Mbago Wakholi – Festival as an educational experience: The African Cultural Memory Youth Arts Festival (ACMYAF)

Helen Ware – Mining, governance and war in Africa

Tim Watson – Resettlement in an Australian regional town: Refugees as citizens, employees and customers

Lisa Webber – Regional places and social networks: A case study of Sudanese refugees in Colac, Victoria

Janeck Wille – Integration and the Australian society: Notions of belonging and social cohesion

Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes – Beyond Afropessimism: Engaging Africa through cultural renaissance


Working across a wide range of disciplines, the 2010 conference aimed to foster new intercultural and transnational discussion about Australian-African engagements with issues of race, culture, representation, trade, education and diasporas, drawing on a range of both internationally eminent and locally based scholars and research. The theme of the conference reflects an emphasis on exploring how Australia/ns and Africa/ns are engaging each other at the levels of governments, institutions, cultures, communities and the arts.