Canberra – 2012

‘Africa: People, Places and Spaces’

35th AFSAAP conference

26 – 28 November 2012
Burgmann College, Australian National University, Canberra

Conference Proceedings

Africa: People, Places and Spaces, 35th AFSAAP conference proceedings, ISBN: 978-0-9924793-6-7

All conference papers were peer reviewed in full, and accepted papers appear below in alphabetical order. Contact for further information. All conference abstracts were peer reviewed.

Agyei, Kwame. Australian National University – Towards Sustainable Climate Change Mitigation in Ghana: Making the National REDD+ scheme pro-poor

Amoako, Clifford. Monash University – Emerging Issues in Urban Flooding in African Cities – The Case of Accra, Ghana

Bowan, Lorraine. University of New South Wales-Sydney – The Rule of Law and the Judicial Straight Line; the Right to Fair Trial in Sierra Leone

Burke, Jean. Australian Catholic University Discrimination and violence against Tanzanians with albinism in the Great Lakes region: social exclusion and national shame

Climas, Hannah. Flinders University – Australia’s activist foreign policy, North Africa and the United Nations Security Council: The role of a ‘creative middle power’ in the international sphere

Deinla, Imelda. Australian National University – Fostering Rule of Law in African Integration: realities and contradictions


Dobson, Susan – University of South Australia – Liberal peace, non-state actors and Rwanda, 1994 – 2012

Edelstein, Ian. Australian National University – Pan Africanist Congress of Azania’s (PAC) ideological outlook.

Elbra, Ainsley. University of Sydney – Panacea or Pretence? The role of private governance in alleviating Zambia’s resource curse


Gitau, Lydia Wanja. University of Sydney – Resilience in Survivors of Mass Violence and its Contribution to Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Rwanda


Judell, Alice. University of Sydney – The (dis)Possession of Waste at the Mbeubeuss Dump in Dakar


Kargbo, Ibrahim Ahmad. Murdoch University – Strategic Local Empowerment in the Sierra Leone Decentralization Process:  A Case for Institutionalizing Community Participation

Katiti, Alois. University of Tasmania – Determination of relationship between MODIS satellite imagery Vegetation Indices (arithmetic mean), field biomass measurements, and rainfall of Sandveld Research Station in the Camel Thorn Savannah of Namibia.  


Lightbound, John. University of Wollongong – Theorizing Points of Consensus in Regional Policy Approaches to Combatting HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Local Participation in the Sierra Leone Decentralization Process-prospects and setbacks…

Losonzc, Ibolya. Australian Natinal University – “We are thinking they are helping us, but they are destroying us.” – Repairing the legitimacy of Australian government authorities in the South Sudanese community

Lyons, Tanya.  Flinders University – The hidden links with Africa: Australian academics in African Studies


Mayersen, Deborah. University of Wollongong and Thomas Galloway, University of Queensland – Responding to Genocide: Australian Parliamentary Discussions about the Crisis in Darfur


Mickler, David. University of Melbourne – Peace and security governance in Africa: an Australian contribution

Milimu, Gladys. Macquarie University – Technology Integrated Pedagogical Documentation: Early Childhood Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Enhanced Through Technology Based Professional Learning and Support Project

Muchoki, Samuel Muraguri. La Trobe University – ‘[In Australia] what comes first are the women, then children, cats, dogs, followed by men’: Exploring the narratives of men with refugee backgrounds from the Horn of Africa


Norris, David. University of Southern Queensland – Gender, Flight and Neglect: An Examination of the Sexual and Gender-based Violence against Women Refugees

O’Brien, Stephen. The University of Queensland – A qualitative study of impressions and experiences of HIV in Zimbabwe


Shekur, Nebil. University of South Australia – Sustainable Land management (SLM): response to a climate change, case in Ethiopia.

Stewart, Emily. University of Melbourne – Reseeding Print Culture: Bibliodiversity and Nigerian Publishing Futures


Thobejane, Tubake Refiloe. James Cook University – Improvement of Formulated Feeds and Feeding Management in Intensive Aquaculture


Conference Presentations Only

Abuyi, Juma. University of South Australia – Conflicting Family Roles for Acholi Men in Australia: The Impact on Families and Service Provision

Bah, Mamadou Diouma. University of Waikato, New Zealand – The Military and Politics in West Africa: Instrumental vs. Primordial Approaches

Devereux, Linda. University of New South Wales-Canberra – Contested Spaces: Can a socio-psychological approach contribute to an understanding of continuing violence in eastern DRC?

Dichaba, Mpho, University of South Africa – Community consultation: An African approach to implement an enduring basic education learning programme for adults

Duriesmith, David – The University of Melbourne – Identity and Hegemony: Challenging the notion of ‘identity politics’ as a cause of civil war in South Sudan

El-Gack, Nawal. University of Canberra – Development and Conflicts: the Case of Darfur

Fernandez, Bina. University of Melbourne – Africa the ‘mobile continent’: moving around policies

Grant, Richard. University of Miami – E-waste and E-Scrap Circuitry: the Ghanaian Interchange

Hawker, Geoffrey. University of Macquarie – Title: The Extractive Industries Transparency Index (EITI): Transformative in Africa and Australia?

Kwansah-Aidoo, Kwamena.  Swinburn University of Technology and Virginia Mapedzahama, University of New England – “I just go on with life, I ignore them and just go!” Coping responses to Racism among the New African Diaspora in Australia

Lau, Raymond Kwun Sun. The University of Queensland – Civilian protection and perpetrator punishment or neither? The Responsibility to Protect and International Criminal Court’s judicial intervention in Darfur

Kanyowile, Mayeso. Flinders University of South Australia – Facilitators and barriers of high stakes test outcomes among Deaf students in Malawi: stakeholders’ perception of the Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE).

Lucas, David and Barbara Edgar, Australian National University – African Australians in 2011

Madubuko, Christian. University of New England – Industrial Revolution, Territorial Acquisition and the New Scramble for Petro-Oil in Africa: The Case of Nigeria’s Niger Delta

Makasi, Charles Elias. University of Melbourne – Identifying the clinical symptoms of severe malaria that predict death and severe disability: Analysis of data from a randomised clinical trial on severe malaria in Bangladesh, Ghana and Tanzanian children

Makinda, Samuel. Murdoch University – Seeking an End to Somali Piracy: The Role of Governance and Development

Manson, Andrew. North-West University, South Africa – In the Hands of Destiny: The Bakubung in South Africa’s North-West province, (1968-2012)

Mapedzahama, Virginia., Myfanwy Maple, University of New England and Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo, Swinburn University of TechnologyWhat’s all the media hype about? The case of Tamworth Council and Sudanese refugees resettlement (2006)

Mbenga, Bernard K., North-West University, South Africa – Absentee landownership, labour tenancy and crop production among the Bakgatla people of the Pilanesberg region of the North-West Province, South Africa, 1902 – 1929

McDougall, Russell. University of New England – The Teddy Bears’ Picnic: English Literature in Sudan, Condominium to Independence

McMurray, Christine. Australia National University – North and Sub-Saharan Africans in Western Europe

Mukoya, Thomas. Freelance Photojournalist, Kenya – Horn of Africa Crisis – One year on

Mukuria, Valentine. University of Macquarie – Universities in Australia as the Place and Space for Engaging Africans in African Studies: Reflections on Africans in the Academic Space

Munro, Paul. University of Melbourne – Charles Lane-Poole’s legacy: The rise and decline of Forest Reservationism in Sierra Leone

Ndhlovu, Finex. University of New England – Mapping Spaces for African Migrant Languages in Australia: Preliminary Findings from Regional NSW

Nel, Etienne, Tony Binns & Jessie Smart. University of Otago – Urban Agriculture on the Copperbelt in Zambia as a Repsonse to Economic Change: An Overview of Current Agricultural Practises and Emerging Institutional Support

Nest, Michael. Independent Researcher and Bacirongo, Djumapili Isaac. – Former Activist Recording an African-Australian memoir: motivations and challenges

Neuhaus, Matthew. Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe & Zambia; High Commissioner to Dem. Rep of Congo and Malawi – Zimbabwe’s future

O’Callaghan, Margaret. Australian National University – Solwezi: what happened to the Zambian El Dorado?

Orwa, Jennifer A. Ongalo. Avondale College of Higher Education – On Interstitial Spaces: Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye’s identity, belonging and subversion in Homing In

Osondu, Chukwudi. Federal Polytechnic, Nigeria, and Nwabufo I. Okeke-Uzodike, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – Sustainable development and conflicts in Africa states: courting the traditional conflict resolution and management strategies

Owusu, Joyce Osei & Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo, Swinburn University of Technology – Scorned: The Woman’s Film in an African Context

Pijovic, Nikola. Roskilde University, Denmark – Seceding but not Succeeding: Explaining Somaliland’s lacking international recognition in the African context

Quan-Baffour, Kofi Poku. University of South Africa – Unity in Diversity: Ubuntu in the classroom to promote learning among adults from diverse backgrounds.

Rublee, Gregory. Australian National University – Norms of Political Participation in Pre-Colonial and Colonial Sierra Leone: Clash of Cultures?

Run, Peter. The University of Queensland – ‘New Khartoums’: Responding to post-secession settlement in South Sudanese cities

Sergeant, Jill. Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) – HIV and sub-Saharan African Communities in Australia: Questions Unanswered

Teia, Abdullah. University of South Australia – The Nuba people  of Sudan: Cultural Perspectives and The Impact of War

Tesi, Moses. Middle Tennessee State University, USA – China in Africa: A Case Study of Chinese Economic Activities and Development or Non-Development in Cameroon

Thornton, Alec. University of New South Wales, Canberra – A level playing field? Improving market availability and access for small scale producers in Johannesburg, South Africa

Vokes, Richard. University of Adelaide – Time for School: Development, Education and Social Change in South-western Uganda

Yeboah, Thomas Jerome. University of Education Winneba-Ghana and Kofi Poku Quan-Baffour, University of South Africa – From Persecution To Empowerment: The Changing Attitude Of Bono Indegens Towards Persons With Disability


The African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific welcomed papers from academics, researchers, students, practitioners and policy makers with interests in African studies, both on the African continent and in the Australasia and Pacific region to its 2012 conference. In 2012, the conference theme was ‘Africa: People, Places and Spaces’. Following on from the ‘Africa 2011’ theme, our conference for 2012 explored the ways in which Africans on the continent and abroad continue to change, challenge and re-shape our knowledge of African people, spaces and places. the conference saw papers from all disciplines discussing African issues in a broad range of topics, such as culture, physical, social and economic development, environment, politics, ecology, demography, health, education, migration, media, aid, climate change, natural and human-induced disasters, civil society and gender.

Postgraduate essay prize

The 2012 Monash-AFSAAP Postgraduate Prize was been awarded to Stephen O’Brien from the University of Queensland for his essay entitled “A qualitative study of impressions and experiences of HIV in Zimbabwe”. Stephen won a return trip to Africa to the value of $3000 and will present his paper at the Monash campus in South Africa.

The 2012 AFSAAP Postgraduate Prize was been awarded to Samuel Muchoki from Latrobe University. Samuel was been awarded $500 for his essay entitled “‘[In Australia] what comes first are the women, then children, cats, dogs, followed by men’: Exploring narratives of men from the Horn of Africa”.

Both Stephen and Samuel presented their papers at the 2012 AFSAAP Conference. There were over 20 entries for this prestigious prize and all entries were of a high standard. The judges would like to thank all postgraduate students who contributed papers to this prize and participated in the conference. It clearly shows that African Studies is on the rise in Australia and that this next generation of academics will be working at a high standard and be producing relevant and interesting research relevant to African Studies. All postgraduate conference papers will be available on the AFSAAP Conference Proceedings website, forthcoming.