Conference Proceedings

African Renaissance and Australia, 36th AFSAAP conference proceedings, ISBN: 978-0-9924793-7-4

All conference papers were peer reviewed in full, and accepted appear below in alphabetical order. Contact for further information. All conference abstracts were peer reviewed.

Aubeeluck, Hurryvansh. Monash University – Institutional Governance and Economic Growth, with special reference to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Boakye, Lawrence G. The University of Sydney – Success factors for Agriculture-Based International Development (ID) Projects: Insights from Ghana for Africa.

Budge, Tim. Deakin University – Paulo and Saul visit the compounds: shared learning for community activists across time and continents.

Counsel, Graeme. Melbourne University – The music archives of Guinea. Nationalism and its representation under Sékou Touré.

Dobson, Susan. University of South Australia – Can hybridized statebuilding create a sustainable post-conflict state? Lessons learned from Rwanda’s post-conflict statebuilding.

Gbanie, Solomon Peter. University of New South Wales at Australian Defence Force Academy – ‘The diamond of Western Area is land’: Narratives of land use and land cover change in post-war Sierra Leone.

Hawker, Geoffrey. Macquarie University – The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: African Lessons for Australia.

Kenny, Christina. Australian National University – The ‘liberatory value of indigenous institutions’?: Cultural practice as resistance in the British Colony of Kenya.

Kelly, Max. Deakin University – Mzungu’s Work? What role for local NGOs in Northern Uganda

Kilimo, Miriam. Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA – Western Discourse in Legal Approaches: A History of Female Circumcision in Kenya.

Lucas, David and Edgar, Barbara. Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute, Australian National University – Africans in Australia 2011: Their Demography and Human Capital.

McNamara, Thomas. University of Melbourne – The Creation and Implications of Rural Malawian Understandings of Donors and Development – The Impacts of Development Tourism.

Mondoh, George Nyongesa. University of Adelaide – Major factors preventing release of Bt-Maize variety in Kenya.

Moore, Sue. Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Resources and the ‘Renaissance’: Australian Government support for the Africa Mining Vision.

Mosanako, Seamogano. The University of Queensland and the University of Botswana – Media and development in Botswana: An audience’s perspective.

Mugambwa, John – Murdoch University – Should the Government Expropriate Private Land for Investors in Uganda?

Mungwini, Pascah. University of South Africa – African Renaissance, Coloniality and the Quest for a Polycentric Global Epistemology.

Okunola, Abiodun. University of Adelaide – Towards sustainable youths’ engagement with agriculture in Africa.

Robinson, David Alexander. Edith Cowan University – Gramsci in Africa: The Relevance of Gramscian Concept to a History of Mozambique.

Shilla, Elibariki H. Australian National University – Terrestrial Large Mammals As Indicator Species For Climate Change Effects In Tanzania: Implications For Policy.

Udah, Hyacinth. Griffith University – The African Diaspora in Australia and African Renaissance: Harnessing Diaspora Resources and Encouraging Diaspora Investments and Linkages with Africa.