Dunedin – 2014

‘Africa: Diversity and Development’

37th AFSAAP Conference

25th – 26th November 2014

St Margaret’s College, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Conference Proceedings

Africa: Diversity and Development, 37th AFSAAP Conference Proceedings. (AFSAAP Published January 2015).
ISBN: 978-0-9924793-8-1.

All conference papers were peer reviewed in full and accepted papers appear below in alphabetical order. Contact president@afsaap.org.au for further information. All conference abstracts were peer reviewed.

Arah, Isaac Kojo. University of New England / Ho Polytecnic. An overview of post-harvest challenges facing tomato production in Africa

Arah, Isaac Kojo. University of New England / Ho Polytechnic. The impact of small-scale gold mining on mining communities in Ghana

Burke, Jean. Australian Catholic University. Colourism as an intra-racial phenomenon: The case of Tanzania

Felix, Adriano. Globalisation: Who stands or is left apart?

Hills, Christopher. University of Sydney. Gendered reintegration in Liberia: A civilized ‘(Kwi)’ failure?

Johansson, Patrik, Umeå University / University of Otago. Building resilient peace in Liberia

Kelly, Max. Deakin University. Farmers groups within extension networks in Northern Uganda: inclusive or exclusive?

LaBrecque, Beren. Boston College. Aliens to the area: How historical ethnic, religious, and political tensions explain Kenya’s failed counterterrorism strategy and show how to fix it

Lucas, David & Barbara Edgar. Southern Africans in the Antipodes

Lyons, Tanya (Flinders University) & Aime Saba (University of Queensland). African Studies in Australia and New Zealand: Prospects for knowledge and informed engagement with Africa

March, Rebecca. La Trobe University. Flawless fictions: The paradox of cross-cultural enchantment and discontent in West African dance in Australia

McNamara, Thomas. University of Melbourne. The intersection of witchcraft and development in Malawi

Nalumango, Namakau. Untreated pain at end-of-life: Experiences of family carers who oversee home death in rural sub-Saharan Africa: A historical narrative review of the qualitative literature

Ramokgadi, S. B. Stellenbosch University. Security frontiers in the African Great Lake region: Exploration onto grassroots peace networks

Robinson, David. Edith Cowan University. ‘Passive revolution’ in Africa. A Gramscian analysis of post-colonial Mozambican history

Sephton, Rene. RMIT University. ‘Bumuntu’ memory in a Hobbesian world

Sulemana, Mohammed. Macquarie University. The postcolonial state and ethno-politics in Nigeria

Udah, Hyacinth. Griffith University. Trends and challenges: The African immigrant experience in South East Queensland

Udah, Hyacinth. Griffith University. Agenda 2063: Africans in Australia and the building of a new Africa

Wardell, Susan. University of Otago. Conversations at Butabika: A snapshot of the tensions between biomedical and spiritual knowledge systems in Ugandan psychiatric care

Ware, Helen. University of New England. Not the universal remedy: The diversity and impact of Truth and Reconciliation commissions in Africa


The African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific welcomes to its 2014 conference, papers from academics, researchers, students, practitioners and policy makers with interests in African studies, both on the African continent and in the Australasia and Pacific region. In 2014, the conference theme is ‘Africa: Diversity and Development’. The conference seeks to explore the richness of the continent and its diversity in a wide range of social, economic and cultural dimensions, while simultaneously discussing development options, challenges and experiences.

Papers from all disciplines discussing African issues in a broad range of topics, such as culture, physical, social and economic development, environment, politics, geography, ecology, demography, health, education, migration, media, aid, climate change, natural and human-induced disasters, civil society and gender are welcomed.