African community groups in Australia

A detailed list of African student groups at Australian universities can be found at our Australia Awards page.
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National organisations

Acholi Community Association in Australia Inc
African Women Australia Inc
African Professionals of Australia Inc
Australian Burundi Community Organisation
Australian Egyptian Association
Sudanese Online Research Association
Sudanese Community Association of Australia
Gaatjaak Nuer Community Association of Australia Inc

In the Australian Capital Territory

African Australian Association ACT Inc
Eritrean Community of the ACT
Ghana-Australian Association ACT
Nigerian Community
Sudanese Australian Community Association ACT Inc

In New South Wales

Ethiopian Community Association in NSW
Ghana Association of NSW
Hunter African Communities Council

In the Northern Territory

Africa – Australia Friendship Association NT Inc
African Association of Central Australia Inc.
African Community Council of the NT Inc
Congolese Community of the NT
Sudanese Australian Association of the Northern Territory 
Liberian Youth Association in the Northern Territory

In Queensland

African Australian Association of Queensland
African Australian Network Group
African Australian Youth Development Association
African Communities Association, Gold Coast
Association of the Burundi Community
Awulian Community Development Association Inc
Australian Ogaden Community of Queensland
Botswana Association in Brisbane
Congolese Association in Queensland
Eritrean Australian Women & Families Support Network
Ethiopian Community Association of Qld Inc 
Ghana-Australia Association of Queensland
Hakuna Matata – The African Association of Townsville
Kenyans in Queensland
Liberian Association of Queensland
Liberian United Women of Queensland 
Nigerian Community Association in Queensland
Nuer Community Association in Queensland Inc
Queensland African Communities Council
Rwandan Association of Queensland Inc
Sierra Leone Women’s Association of Queensland
Somali Australian Council of Queensland Inc
Somali Women’s Association of Queensland Inc
Sudanese Association of Townsville
Sudanese Christian Fellowship of Queensland 
Sudanese Community Association of Queensland Inc
Sudanese Community Association of Darling Downs
Sudanese Nile Multicultural Association
Togolese Association in Queensland
United Somali Association of Queensland Inc
Zambia Association

In South Australia

African Communities Council of South Australia
African Community Organisation of South Australia
Association of the Burundian Community of South Australia
Somali Community Development Organisation
Tanzanian Community Association of South Australia
The Igbo Community of South Australia

In Tasmania

Sierra Leonean Migrant Association

In Victoria

Afar Community Association of Victoria Inc
African Communities Council of Victoria
African Community Development Centre
African Think Tank
Association of the Liberian Community of Australia
Australian Burundian Community in Victoria Inc
Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria Inc
Australian Saay Harari Association
Australian Somali Society
Australian Southern Sudanese Support Group Inc
Ballarat African Association
Cameroon Association of Australia Inc
East Africa Relief Association Of Australia Inc
East African Women’s Foundation
Dinka Ngok Abyei Community Association Victoria-Australia
The Drum African Family Centre
Egyptian Federation of Victoria Inc
Ethiopian Community Association of Victoria
Eritrean Community in Australia Inc
Eritrean Islamic Society of Australia
Eritrean Women’s Association of Victoria
Ethiopian Community Association in Victoria Inc
Ethiopian Women Group
Geelong Sudanese Association Inc
Ghana Association of Victoria
Goulburn Valley Sudanese Association
Hararian Community Association Australia Inc
Hararian Organization Inc.
Horn of Africa Communities Network
Liberian Community Association for Unity and Social and Economic Development
Moroccan United Community Association
Mozambique Association Victoria Inc
Nigerian Society of Victoria Inc
Nuer Community in Victoria Inc
Oromiyaa Cultural and Recreational Club
Oromo Association in Victoria
Oromo Relief Association Australia-South Pacific Region Inc
Somali Australian Council of Victoria Inc
Somali Community Inc
Somali Support and Development Association Inc
Somali Women’s Development Association
South Sudan Development Agency Inc
South Sudan Equatorial Association Inc
South Sudanese Women’s Network
Southern Sudan Community of Australia (SSCA)
Sudanese Community Association of Victoria Inc
Tigrian Community Association in Victoria
The United Somali Organisation in Australia Inc
Victorian Eritrean Community Association
The Zambian Association of Victoria
Zimbabwean Community in Australia

In Western Australia

African Australian Union
African Community of WA Inc
African Professionals of Australia Inc
African Women’s Council of WA
Anuak South Sudanese Community
Burundians Community in WA
Dinka Women Support Group WA Inc
Mozambique Society of WA
Nuer Community Association
Organisation of Zambians living in WA
Sierra Leonean Community
Somaliland Women, Children and Youth Association
Tanzanian Community of WA
The Guinean Community Association
Tanzanian Community of WA
The United Eritrean Association of WA Inc
Unity of Ethiopians in WA