2016 Volume 37

ARAS Journal Cover June 2016
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Number 1

Volume 37, June 2016 –  Online ISSN: 2203-5184 DOI https://doi.org/10.22160/22035184/ARAS-2016-37-1 


Book Reviews

Richard Bourne. Nigeria: A New History of a Turbulent Century, by Matthew Neuhaus.
Andrew Walker. ‘Eat the Heart of the Infidel’ The Harrowing of Nigeria and the Rise of Boko Haram, by Nikola Pijovic
Chris Vaughan. Darfur: Colonial violence, Sultanic legacies and local politics, by Wendy Levy
Ali Mumin Ahad. Somali Poetry and the Failed She-Camel State: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Deelley Poetry Debate (1979-1980), by Lidwien Kapteijns
Cherry Leonardi. Dealing with Government in South Sudan: Histories of Chiefship, Community and State, by Ryan Joseph O’Byrne
D. M. Bondarenko, The Shades of Black: Cultural Anthropo-logical Aspects of Mutual Perspectives and relations between African-Americans and African Migrants in the U.S.A. by O. Igho Natufe

Number 2

Volume 37, December 2016 – Online ISSN: 2203-5184 – DOI https://doi.org/10.22160/22035184/ARAS-2016-37-2 


Parents, Pay Attention! Factors Related to Parental Involvement with Education in Northern Uganda

Betty Akullu Ezati, Jody L. McBrien, Jan Stewart, Cornelius Ssempala and Peter Ssenkusu pp 9-32


Sudanese Humanitarian Migrants in Australian Refereed Journals

Naduni Wickramaarachchi and Edgar Burns pp 80-106


Book Reviews pp 147-152

Bawa Kuyini, Re-thinking Values in Africa: For Collective Well-being. Jean Burke

Sjoerd Rijpma, David Livingstone and the Myth of African Poverty and Disease. A Close examination of his writings on the Pre-Colonial Era. Margaret O’Callaghan