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October 4th, 2018

NSW – 2018

Africa in Transition: Governance, Society and Culture
41st AFSAAP  Annual Conference
University of New South Wales, Sydney,
November 21st – 23rd 2018
Conference Convener: Dr. Anne Bartlett UNSW (Sydney)

Africa in Australia – Invitation for Project Sponsorship

September 3rd, 2018

Africa in Australia’: A Research and Exhibition Project

Sponsors are being sought for the ‘Africa in Australia’ project.

The project aims to use African artefacts held in Australian collections as a medium through which to re-examine the history of Australia’s engagements with Africa, and to help reconnect African-Australians to Africa.

The project’s objectives are:

  • To catalogue and scan all of the African-related artefacts (art, photographs, and written texts) that are held in Australasian museums, other public institutions, and significant private collections, and where necessary, to conduct research on the provenance of these;
  • To create an online platform through which a selection of these artefacts can be made available to African and other global publics, and through which members of those publics can engage with, and respond to, those artefacts;
  • To also catalogue and analyse Australian Aboriginal artefacts that are held in African museums;
  • To undertake a programme of research on all of these collections, including a number of PhD projects, with a view to exploring what they reveal about the history of Australia and Africa’s colonial, familial, economic, military and missionary ties with each other.
  • To build a network of partnerships between Australasian museums and their African counterparts (and European and US museums with African interests), as a conduit for south-south knowledge-exchange. This network will share best practice in relation to, for example, the handling of secret-sacred objects, the exhibition of gender-sensitive artefacts, and the protocols and practices of repatriation.
  • To curate a travelling exhibition from the project, provisionally called Africa in Australia, which will be shown at some of the project’s partner museums, and at select museums and galleries in Africa. The project will also output a range of publications, including an exhibition catalogue.

The project includes a strong element of community engagement, with African-Australian community organisations involved in all stages of its design and delivery.

It will culminate in a series of participatory museum-based events for African-Australians.

The project is to be submitted for an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant in 2019. This scheme requires a level of support from partner organisations, which is then used to apply for funding from the ARC.

AFSAAP has provided a $10,000 seed grant to the project, and now encourages individual and corporate sponsors to contribute further funding. Australian companies working in Africa, or African companies working in Australia, would benefit from this sponsorship.

Please contact for more information.


AFSAAP Executive 2019 – Nominations now open

July 19th, 2018

As normal, all office bearing positions will be declared open at the AGM at the forthcoming conference, and all AFSAAP members are invited to nominate for one of the positions:
Postgraduate Representative(s).
ARAS Journal Editor.

Position descriptions are detailed below. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please send a short description of why you believe you would be suited to the position, and what you can bring to AFSAAP to by 1 October 2018. These will be disseminated in advance of the AGM. Please note that if you would like to nominate another person, you must get their written approval.

Please also contact the if you would like to discuss any of the office bearer roles and duties in more detail.



The role of the President is one of leadership, of influencing the direction of AFSAAP, and directing links with Africa and with federal, state and local government institutions, NGOs, African communities in Australia and the Business sector that has interests in Africa. In conjunction with all/and or the relevant other executive members, the President will managing any short-term or contract staff employed by the Association for discrete tasks (e.g. preparation of reports). The president will also oversee the day to day running of AFSAAP and ensure an annual conference is held, and the journal is published twice a year, and the newsletter goes out to members monthly.



The Vice-President has a supporting role to the President, stands in place of the President in his/her absence from the AGM or while the President is either on leave or out of the country for an extended period.



The Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day running of business matters arising from the AGM, correspondence, incoming enquiries about the Association. The Secretary coordinates communication between committee members and with the annual conference organizer. The Secretary maintains files concerned with the maintenance of records and continuity between holders of the office of Secretary.



The Treasurer manages subscriptions, donations and the membership lists. This role requires coordination with the Secretary who may receive initial inquiries about membership. Coordination with the Editor of the Australasian Review of African Studies is also necessary. The Treasurer is responsible for managing the AFSAAP accounts.


Postgraduate Representative(s): will be chosen at each AGM or during the year to assist with the promotion of Postgraduate research in particular in conjunction with the Annual Conference, and they will organise the postgraduate workshop at each conference in conjunction with the Conference Convener.


Journal editor:

The Editor of the Australasian Review of African Studies will ensure that 2 journals are published annually in June and December, and facilitate all processes required for an international peer reviewed journal. The Editor will manage all co-editors and maintain the files, peer review process, and publication and distribution of the journal. The marketing and indexing of the journal is also the responsibility of the Editor.


Ordinary Members:

Ordinary members of the Executive Committee are local representatives of AFSAAP. However, not all local representatives are Executive Committee members. Ordinary members are expected to promote AFSAAP within their own academic institution and their own city or state, and also to bring ARAS to the notice of their local university and state libraries. Posters promoting AFSAAP are available for printing and display and for giving to individuals or local interest groups.

Ordinary members should try to send local research and news items to the Editor of the Monthly AFSAAP Newsletter and/or for publication of each issue of ARAS in June and December. This means collecting items and submitting them to either Editor at least one month before the date of issue and preferably earlier.


Other Supporting Roles


Editor of the Monthly Newsletter Habari kwa Ufupi (News in Brief):

The Editor(s) will be appointed by the Executive. Prepare a monthly newsletter detailed events, publications or other items of interest for the membership – to be distributed electronically through AFSAAP membership emails and kept online through the AFSAAP website.


AFSAAP Website Manager: The Web Manager(s) will be appointed by the Executive. They will manage the website.

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