Funding to attend conferences

The executive committee is pleased to announce AFSAAP’s  initiative to promote AFSAAP on a wider scale. We invite Expressions of Interest (EOI) from AFSAAP Members to represent AFSAAP at an overseas conference, identified by the Member, which focuses on African studies. This  EOI is in accordance with one of AFSAAP’s mission statements,

to establish contact with African universities and scholars, other overseas scholars and African Studies associations, and to promote interchanges with them.

In your EOI, please clearly outline, in 500 words how you will ‘deliver’ on this mission statement. Specifically, please outline:

* Key details of the conference that you have identified, including a brief background of the hosting association or institution (i.e. academic merit, quality of proceedings etc.)
*How your visit will benefit AFSAAP
*What activities will you undertake to promote AFSAAP and encourage overseas scholars to consider participating in AFSAAP conferences

You will be expected to write a report on your visit for the Habari kwa ufupi newsletter, detailing the bullet points, above. AFSAAP will contribute to the travel costs. The successful applicant will make their own travel arrangements and the applicant must provide invoices to the AFSAAP Treasurer.

AFSAAP Members can only receive this award once.

The AFSAAP Executive reserves the right not to award any funding in a calendar year, depending on the budget and quality of the applications.

Please Email all Expressions of Interest to the AFSAAP Secretary

Professor Peter Limb (President) and Associate Professor Anne L. Bartlett (Vice-President)

For The AFSAAP Executive

Expression of Interest for AFSAAP Funding

***Please note that funding for 2019 has been deferred ***